Why you need a real estate agent for your home search

Selling or buying real estate property on your one can be a devastating experience. It is worse when you have never done such a huge a real estate transaction before. When you are thinking about purchasing any home, one of the main priorities you should have is to get a qualified real estate agent. There is a huge difference between you and the agent. For one, they have more experience in the field which means they understand it better.

The following reasons should convince you to hire a real estate agent

They are more experienced

Good real estate agents have plenty of information about the housing market. They obviously have more information than you, even if you have purchased a home before. This makes them good at estimating the prices of a home in the market. Real estate agents will be able to estimate the fair price of your home. This will prevent you from buying the home at a higher price than its actual worth. It will also help you from getting high interest rates. They are common with sellers and agents who are trying to sell a home for more than it is actually worth. They also have a power to negotiate the price of your potential home.

They are responsible for the endless paperwork

With every real estate deals comes a load of paperwork that is too much if you have never bought a home before. Lucky for you, real estate agents are used to this kind of work and they have an idea of how to deal with that part of the real estate deal.  Even the slightest mistake or omission on the paperwork can lose you a lot of money. This is why you should hire a real estate agent to deal with those kinds of issues.  Real estate agents will practically run everything for you.

They lessen the pressure on you

Buying and selling a property is not as fun or exiting as you imagined. The process is tiring and will bore you as soon as you start. When you are on your own, you have the responsibility of handling the phone calls, communicating with the buyer or the seller and you are responsible for all the paper work among other things. Because you are inexperienced or busy, there is a high chance that you will miss some critical parts of the transaction. A real estate agent will take care of everything and your main responsibility will be signing the documents and communicating with the agent.

Real estate agents act as some sort of buffer

Real estate agents have so many responsibilities when it comes to buying a new home. So many people want to view the same property and will compete until they close the deals. For buyers, real estate agents will prevent you from buying an overpriced home or one which has some damages to it. The real estate agent knows who to talk to and exactly who will give you the perfect price for a home. They can make the process easier by choosing the right offers from the right kind of buyers and sellers.

Why is it so important to own your own home?

Home ownerships is something that everyone dreams about. Owning your own home is convenient because you do not have to pay extra taxes or rent and get to have a retirement home in the future.  For most people, owning their own home is like a dream come true. It is a very significant method that takes you to a higher place in life.

However, being a home owner can have its frustrations. You have to find the right property, in the right location and get enough mortgages to purchase the home. For most people, buying a home is one of the biggest financial decisions you will make in life. It is very important to consider how the finances and lifestyle will affect the decision but it is also important

The benefits of owning your own home


When you buy your own home, you get to be in more control of the immediate surroundings. This gives you the power to decorate and change things without worrying about any rules or limitations from the home owner.  You have a chance to add new amenities and upgrade to make the home fit your lifestyles.

Your home ownership is an investment

Real estate properties, especially homes, increase in worth over a long period of time. As you continue to clear the mortgage payments, your debt reduces and the value of the home continues to grow.  This gives you a great reinvestment opportunity in the future.

You gain equity

Investments and equity are directly interrelated.  As you pay the mortgage to your home every month, part of it will go to the interest and the rest accounts for the principle balance. Clearing the principal balance is like depositing some money in the bank. The amount of money you make in payments becomes available as a re-investment. This means you can take up the amount paid in loans to re-invest in the property or purchase new property.

The feeling of pride

One aspect that is normally not talked about by home owners is the feeling if pride once you own your home.  Once you purchase the property, it is proof that you can achieve your goals and also you can offer security and commitment to your family and yourself. Once the mortgage payments start being made, you can leverage the equity and buy more homes for either business or just an upgrade.

Take advantage of the tax benefits

The government encourages individuals to purchase their own homes and enjoy the tax incentives they offer. Owning your own home really does come with its own benefits.  One of the biggest options income tax benefits is the interest deduction from your mortgage. At the start of the mortgage payment, most of it goes to the interest to help clear that out first.

No moving from the perfect neighbourhood

You can finally stop moving from town to town trying to find the perfect rental home. When you purchase your property, you want to make sure you get the right neighbourhood for you, your family and the real estate.

Negotiating for a real estate deal – what you should expect

Making a real estate deal is one of the hardest processes. If you are looking to buy or sell property, you are very likely going to get counter offers from several agents. This is a sign of the acceptance of your initial upon making a few changes that are to be agreed upon before signing the agreement.

If your purchase amount is below the asking price, the seller will reject your purchase. If this happens, the real estate agent will give multiple options to the seller for them to find the value for their property. Alternatively, the seller may provide you with room to renegotiate the price or wait until the offer expires. If a home inspector finds fault in a home you intend to buy it requires a counter offer to save you the trouble of incurring unexpected costs. If appraisals come higher or lower, it affects the mortgage amount, therefore, drawing counter offers from either the seller or buyer.

The counteroffers negotiations can take place in weeks and even months depending on the proposed changes. For this reason, it is important to understand the concept of counteroffers. There are several reasons why the counter offer negotiations take place.  If the buyer or seller chooses a date that is not suitable for the other party because each of them wants to serve their own interests, the offer will be rejected. The other party will want to make changes in the agreement to keep them in line with the needs.

When you receive a counter offer before inspection and evaluation consider them first. Counteroffers may be more than one. It is essential to prepare yourself for more counter offers in the future before the closing deal is made. Compare the counteroffer with the original documents and establish the suitability of the counteroffer. If you are responding to a counteroffer after an appraisal considers the list price and the cost of the assessment.

Acquiring the services of an experienced real estate agent will ensure that you get the upper hand in the negotiation process. It’s important to find as much information as you can about the seller/buyer during the negotiations. You can also ask your agent to get the information about the other person if need be. This will help you make a good negotiation plan. As a seller, if your house has problems, negotiations will suggest that the amount for fixing be deducted from the sale price or you can fix the roof yourself.

A seller may be at a disadvantage when there is a problem with the home since they will have to agree to either fix the problem or sell at a lower rate. Upon receipt of a counter offer, it is important to read carefully through the contract. This will enable you to understand every aspect before you can put down your signature. Reading through the contract will also ensure that you do not tie yourself down to a disadvantage due to ignorance. Smart planning can put either party at an advantage.

As a seller, you do not want to spend your time on negotiations instead of investing your money or moving on to the next home. When the counteroffers become too many, you should walk away to the next house.

How to find the home of your dreams

I think we can all agree that finding the perfect home is one of the most important things in life. It may take you longer than you imagine, but it is not nearly as impossible as some people make I seem.  Why is the perfect home so important? We all want to have a place to relax, unwind and make memories. Your home should be your sanctuary and vacation away from your basic everyday activities like work.

Here is a guide on how to find the perfect home

What is your style?

While you may be influence by modern home styling you see everyday online, you will probably be happier if you get the home that works best for you.  First, you need to analyse standard issues like the number of people in your family and location of the home.  If you have a pet or kids, single family homes are perfect because they have more privacy.  With a condo, you won’t have to make time for maintenance but also won’t have the green space for your family. 

Do some homework

You may want to live in a specific location.  Some people want a home out in the country, downtown or uptown. The neighbourhoods are completely different even when they may be in the same location. Finding your perfect fit should be your first priority.  You can start by doing some research then pursuing listings to get an idea of the perfect home for you.  Look for listings online and make sure you touch up on the reviews to ensure you are getting the perfect property.

Stay on your budget

Once you get a preapproval letter, you will know what you are more likely to qualify for. This will prevent you from looking into homes that are way above your price range. Taking on a mortgage that is bigger than what you can afford will cost you everything in the future. When you are looking for home, make sure you put into consideration what will work for you and what is convenient for your future. Consider a plan that will not strain your finances and will help you build the equity fast.

Look until you find the perfect home

Unless you are lucky, the homes you come across will not have everything on your wish list. Most homes will have one or two things you do not like.  This should not mean that you should dismiss a home simply because it has some flaws.  If the flaw is something you can change then there is no need to give up the home of your dreams. Comparing more than one property

 Get a home and neighbourhood inspection

Ignoring both the home and neighbourhood inspection will cost you a lot.  The home inspection is meant to help you point out the flaws, if there are any, and call for renovations before you make any deals. The neighbourhood inspection on the other hand will help you figure out if the property is in a convenient location that will cater to all your needs.